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Park Güell Timed Entry Ticket

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Timed entry tickets to Park Guell's glorious Monumental Zone

  • A vivid creation bursting with Gaudi's imagination, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-visit attraction in Barcelona
  • Skip the crowd with these timed entry tickets and visit the many attractions housed in the Monumental Zone
  • Explore the famous Hypostle Room, Guard Museum, Gardens of Austria and Nature Square
  • Once you are done, you can walk along the quaint pathways behind the Monumental Zone dotted with native trees and palms
  • These timed entry tickets allow entry within 30 minutes from the chosen time to enter the park
  • These tickets cannot be canceled, amended or refunded
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Park Guell Guided Tour with No Wait Entrance

Skip The Line
Expert Local Guide
Mobile Ticket

No-Wait Entrance & 75min Guided Tour of Park Guell

  • With an English-speaking local guide for company, take a stroll through this UNESCO World Heritage Site that was designed to be a housing estate
  • Skip the lines to visit all the main attractions, including the Greek Theatre, the Austria Gardens and the Hypostyle Room
  • Fun Fact: There are no straight lines in the park because Gaudi was inspired by the slanted lines and organic curves found in nature
  • Tour starts from the Carrer d’Olot entrance (reach 15min before scheduled start time)
  • These tickets cannot be cancelled, amended or refunded
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Guided Tour of Sagrada Familia and Park Güell with No Wait Entry

Skip The Line
Expert Local Guide
Mobile Ticket
48h Cancellation

Fast-track access and immersive guided tour of Antoni Gaudi's cherished landmarks. Includes transfers

  • Skip the entry crowds and head straight in with an expert guide to explore Barcelona's top attractions - Sagrada Familia and Park Guell
  • Get deep insights into two of Gaudi's flamboyant creations that are paragons of Catalan Modernisme architecture
  • Teeming with vivid colors and curved lines, Park Guell is Gaudi's tribute to the natural flow found in nature. Initially built as a residential estate, this attraction makes for a great picnic spot!
  • A work in progress for nearly 140 years, the Sagrada Familia is a stunning minor basilica that holds the attention of visitors with gorgeous artistic accents from every angle
  • Get a full refund on canceling this ticket up to 48 hours before the schedule
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Park Güell & La Pedrera Guided Tour

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Hotel Transfers
Guided Tour
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Fast-track entry into two of Antoni Gaudi’s prized masterpieces - Park Güell and La Pedrera

  • Explore two of Gaudi's awe-inspiring attractions without wasting time in lines
  • Drive along the Passeig de Gràcia, an elegant avenue built by wealthy Barcelonians
  • Visit Park Güell and see the mosaic salamander, ‘El Drac’ and the stunning Serpentine Bench
  • Continue to La Pedrera and admire the unique sculptured form of this building
  • Learn about the models and technical explanations listed for Gaudi’s peculiar style of designing
  • Gain deeper insight into Antoni Gaudi's work from your English-speaking guide
  • Allow for convenience with round-trip hotel transfers arranged from the city center
  • Discounted tickets: Ages 2 and under don't need a ticket. Ages 3 - 12 enjoy reduced pricing
  • Get a full refund on canceling this ticket up to 24 hours before the schedule
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Park Güell Tickets

Park Guell is Gaudi at his very best. Spread over 18 acres of hilly land, Park Guell is another prominent showcase of famed architect Antoni Gaudi's creative and visual prowess in Barcelona. The sprawling park and garden is located on Carmel Hill and receives an annual footfall of around 12 million tourists! Originally intended to be a gated community for the Barcelona aristocrats by Count Eusebi Guell, the effort proved to be commercially unsuccessful. 

With the Park Güell tickets, visitors can explore the Monumental Zone, an exclusive ticket entry zone in the park that houses some of Gaudí's best works like the Dragon Stairway, Porter's Lodge Pavilion, The Hypostyle Room, Austria Gardens and more.

Park Guell Tickets: Your Ticket Options Explained

Park Güell Timed Entry Ticket

Explore Park Güell with these fast track timed entry tickets. Choose the time of your visit when purchasing your ticket online and enter the park within thirty minutes of the chosen time of your booking. Access the Monumental Zone, an exclusive ticket entry zone in the park that houses some of Gaudí's best works and learn about the history and creation of the iconic park.

This ticket includes round trip access to Bus Güell, a shuttle service will get you to Park Güell from the Alfons X metro station (Line L4 of the metro) and back.

Park Güell Guided Tour with No Wait Entrance

Get Skip the line entry into Park Güell and explore the former housing estate that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With an expert local guide, learn about the history and details of Gaudi's masterpiece and see all the main attractions like the Hypostyle Room, the Greek Theatre, the Austria Gardens.

Guided Tour of Park Güell and Sagrada Familia - Combo ticket

Visit two of Gaudi’s most beautiful architectural works - the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, with one single ticket. Enjoy an immersive expert guided tour with priority access into the iconic landmarks as you explore Gaudi’s mosaic dragon, serpentine tile bench, climb Sagrada Familia's intricately decorated towers and more.

This tour includes transfers between Park Guell and Sagrada Familia. 

Plan Your Visit

Getting there
Skip The Line
Park Guell Entrances
How do I enter Park Güell?

Park Güell has three entrances, each located at different ends of the park.

- Carrer de Larrard: This is the main entrance to Park Guell and is easily accessible by bus. If you take this entrance, be prepared for some amount of walking and climbing stairs to reach the Monumental Zone.

- Carretera del Carmel: This entrance is located next to the parking lot and is accessible by taxi, coach and the metro and bus as well. The Monumental Zone is located just 100 meters away from this entrance.

- Sant Josep de la Muntanya: This entrance can be accessed by an escalator, sparing you most of the climb up the hill. This entrance is best suited for people who cannot climb stairs. 

Can I get free entry into Park Guell?

The tickets for Park Güell provide access to the restricted monumental area, which houses the most vulnerable and heavily visited parts. Most of the main attractions are within this area, however, the Park does have a free zone that can be accessed without a ticket.

What are the Park Guell Timings?

The park has different opening hours throughout the year.

October 29 to December 31 - 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM

1st January to 25th March - 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM

26th March to 30th April - 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM

1st May to 27th August - 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM

28th August to 28th October - 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM

The last admission is 60 mins before closing time.

When is Park Guell Closed?

The Park stays open and accessible all the year round.

What is the Best Time To Visit Park Guell?

A popular attraction in Barcelona, Park Guell is most busy during the peak season of April to August. To avoid the crowds, visit during the low season between January to March or October to December.

The best days to visit are on weekdays and the Park is most crowded during the weekend.

Where is Park Güell Located?

Park Güell is a public park located on Carmel Hill, in Barcelona, Spain. It is easily accessible by bus, train, and taxi.

Bus Güell

If you opt for the Park Guell Timed Entry Tickets, they include round trip access to Bus Güell. This is shuttle service will get you to Park Güell from the Alfons X metro station (Line L4 of the metro). This bus journey takes 15 minutes to Park Güell. The ticket also includes returns to Alfons X metro station from the park.

Getting to Park Güell by bus

If you choose to travel by bus, you can take bus lines 24 or 92 that stop at Carretera del Carmel-Park Güell, which is right across the park’s main entrance. Bus routes H6 and D40 and stop at Travessera de Dalt, which is a 10-minute walk to Park Guell.

Getting to Park Güell by metro

The green line L3 metro stops at the Lesseps and Vallcarca stations, both located 20 minutes away from the Sant Josep de la Muntanya park entrance. From the station, you could take a bus or taxi to continue your journey as the route to the park is uphill.

Getting to Park Güell by Car

Park Guell houses 13 spaces for taxi parking, 12 are at the Carrer de Marianao entrance and the remaining one is at Carrer d'Olot entrance. Parking for coaches is also available.

How can I skip the lines at the Park Guell?

Skip past the long lines by purchasing fast track entry tickets online. With these, you will receive priority access to the park and can begin exploring without wasting any time standing in the ticket line.

When is the best time to visit Park Guell?

Park Guell opens at 8:00 AM everyday and the crowds are at its least in the morning. Plan your visit early to explore the park at your own pace.

Park Güell Must-sees

The Serpentine Bench

The Serpentine Bench is a well-known mosaic tile bench that winds its way along the terrace around Park Güell. It was created using the Trencandís technique, which was invented by Gaudí and was widely used during Catalonia’s modernism and surrealism periods. Created in a signature serpentine shape and varying vibrant tones for a statement effect, the bench was designed using jettison tiles from a factory close by. Both artistic and functional, rest and take in the beauty of the park in style at the Serpentine Bench.

El Drac

The mosaic salamander statue that resides at the gates of Park Güell acts as the symbol of Barcelona. ‘El Drac’ is known by multiple names, such as ‘the dragon’ and ‘the Park Güell lizard’. Acting as a guard for Park Güell, it was created from brick and is coated with Gaudí’s signature Trecandís technique. Trecandís and serpentine shapes are common themes throughout Gaudí’s work, and Park Güell is an ideal location to see and enjoy both.

Explore Park Güell

The History
Monumental Zone
The Free Zone
The History of Park Güell

One of Barcelona’s most iconic green spaces, Park Guell was originally designed to be a luxury housing estate. Inspired by the English garden city movement, Spanish entrepreneur Count Eusebi Guell acquired a site called Muntanya Pelada (Bare Mountain) and commissioned the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí to design the estate. The idea was to create sixty triangular lots for luxury houses. Ultimately, only two houses were built and the sale of the property was a failure.

At Guell’s suggestion, Gaudi bought it himself with his savings and moved in with his family. It remained Gaudi’s home until his death in 1926. After this, the project was turned into a public park, named after the main sponsor, Count Eusebi Guëll, that now attracts millions of visitors each year. Despite its failings as a residential estate, Park Güell remains one of Gaudí’s most famous masterpieces. 

The Monumental Zone

Park Guell is a Barcelona landmark and sees millions of tourists each year. Over time, the large crowds lead to some minor signs of wear and tear of Gaudi's monuments. In order to preserve the monuments, access to one portion of the park was regulated, ensures the conservation and maintenance of the most fragile and frequented part of the Park.

The Monument Zone makes up only 5% of the total park area but houses all the main attractions. Entry to the Monument Zone is through a paid ticket and only 400 people can enter the zone every half an hour.

What will I see inside the Monument Zone?

When you buy a ticket, you have access to all the places in the Park Güell restricted area, including the Casa del Guarda, the Concierge's pavilion, the Dragon staircase, Austria Gardens, the Hypostyle Room, the Portico of the Washerwoman and Plaça de la Natura.

The Free Zone

The Free Zone surrounds the Monument Zone and does not need a ticket to enter.

What will I see inside the Free Zone?

Some of the must sees within the free zone are the three Roadways and viaducts, which make great places for a stroll, and the Three Cross Hill, the highest point of the hill that offers beautiful views of Barcelona city. 

Park Guell Tickets- Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are skip-the-line tickets available for Park Guell?
A. Yes, skip-the-line tickets are available for Park Guell. With these tickets, you can save between 30 minutes to 1 hour of waiting time.

Q. What are Park Guell ticket prices?
A. Adults pay an entry fee of €10 for Park Guell tickets, while children between ages 7-12 pay €7. Those under age 6 can enter for free.

Q. Can I skip the line with guided tours at Park Guell?

A. Yes, you can get skip-the-line tickets for guided tours at Park Guell. With these tickets, you get hassle-free entry and enjoy an educational guided tour of all the major landmarks at Park Guell.

Q. Should I buy Park Guell tickets in advance?

A. Yes, to avoid waiting in long lines, it is highly recommended that you buy Park Guell tickets in advance.

Q. What are Park Guell timings?
A. These are the best Park Guell timings: from November to March, Park Guell is open between 08:30 AM - 06:30 AM. From April to October, it is open between 08:00 AM - 07:30 PM.

Q. How to get to Park Guell?
A. Park Guell can be reached by bus, metro and car. The best option would be to opt for the Bus Guell -- a shuttle that takes you directly to Park Guell.

Q. How many entrances does Park Guell have?
A. Park Guell has three entrances: the main entrance, Carretera del Carmen and Passatge De Sant Joseph De La Muntanya.

Q. How long does it take to explore Park Guell?
A. It takes about two hours to cover all the major sections of Park Guell.

Q. What to do at Park Guell?
A. Serpentine Beach, Gaudi Museum, Austria Gardens, Laundry Room Portico etc., are a few places to visit at Park Guell.

Q. Is photography allowed inside Park Guell?
A. No. Photography is not allowed inside Park Guell unless express permission is taken from the concerned authorities.