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The Relationship between Eusebi Guell & Antoni Gaudi

Designed by Antoni Gaudi between 1900 – 1914 at the request of Eusebi Güell, Park Guell is one of the finest architectural masterpieces in Barcelona. The UNESCO recognized world heritage site was constructed during Gaudí’s naturalist stage, which is characterized by the inspiration he drew from the organic forms of nature. Read on to find out about Gaudi’s vision for the park and how it unfolded.

Gaudi and Guell
Gaudi & Guell

Eusebi Guell | Gaudi's Patron

Born in Barcelona in 1846 to an affluent family, Eusebi Güell was a keen traveler. He studied in Spain, England, and France before taking over his father’s businesses. A skilled entrepreneur, he was able to expand his family fortune with his forward-thinking ideas.

In 1878, Güell attended the World Fair in Paris. It was here that Güell encountered the architect Antoni Gaudí. They became friends over their similarities: both were devout Christians, who had an interest in architecture. As his businesses grew, Güell required the construction of new buildings and naturally reached out to Gaudi to create them.

Gaudi And Guell

The professional bond between Eusebi Güell and the architect Antoni Gaudì was established when Guell saw a window display that Gaudi had designed for glove trader Esteve Comella at the Universal Exhibition Paris in 1878. The first project Guell assigned to Gaudi was to make furniture pieces for the pantheon chapel at the Palacio de Sobrellano, a Canterbarean town.

Entrusting extensively on Gaudi's architecture, Eusebi Güell assigned him another major project to carve his modern house- the Palau Guell house. And after many such successful contracts and collaborations between them, finally in 1900, Gaudi was assigned to build Park Güell.

None, but Guell recognized better than any of his contemporaries the significance of Gaudi's architecture. The connection between the two men was not only related to professionalism but it became a real tale of friendship to take inspiration from.

All Your Park Guell & Antoni Gaudi Questions Answered

Q. Who designed park Guell in Barcelona?

A. Antoni Gaudi designed Park Guell in Barcelona.

Q. Who was Antoni Gaudi?

A. Antoni Gaudi was a well-known architect and the face of Catalan modernism.

Q. What was Park Guell inspired by?

A. Park Guell was solely inspired by the English garden city movement.

Q. What was Park Guell originally intended as?

A. The primary request was to build a home for families that would take advantage of the views and fresh air.

Q. What is Park Guell today?

A. Park Güell is a privatized park composed of gardens and architectural elements.

Q. What is the architectural style of Park Guell?

A. Modernism is the architectural style of Park Guell.

Q. Did Gaudi live in Park Guell?

A. In 1906, at the age of 54 Gaudi moved to a house designed by another Catalan architect, Francesc Berenguer inside Park Guell. This was his last official residence in Barcelona. He lived here for nearly twenty years until his death.