Park Guell Map

Map of Park Guell, Barcelona

Built in the early 19th century, Park Güell is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Barcelona. Parked in the outskirts of the city on Carmel Hill, this masterpiece is designed by Spain’s most popular architects - Antoni Gaudí. The initial plan was to use the barren land and build a luxurious housing estate that included 60 villas. However, the project didn’t get a positive response, after which it was converted into an artistic and playful urban park. Expect grand entrances, blast of colours, lots of mosaic art, magnificent stairway, artistic sculptures, Modernist buildings and more. The park is divided into two parts: the forest and the monument's area (the latter is where you’ll spot most of Güell’s artwork). Since there are tons of things you can do inside, it is best to keep a map handy so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Key Sites of Park Guell

The Dragon Staircase

The Dragon Staircase

The huge colourful and fierce looking dragon, formally called ‘El Drac’ is located near the entrance and considered to be one of the most photographed features of the park.

Hypostyle Room

Hypostyle Room

The Hypostyle Room, originally designed to be the market of the estate, this area consists of 86 tall columns. The ceiling showcases white Trecandís (mosaic) and four ceiling lamps, each representing the seasons of the year.

The Streets, Roads and Viaducts

The Park is interconnected with three viaducts designed by Gaudi - each five meter wide. They are named Pont de Baix, the Pont del Mig and the Pont de Dalt.

Gardens of Austria

Gardens of Austria

Formerly a plant nursery the area is called Garden of Austria because in 1977, Park Guell received a donation of trees from Austria.

Nature Square

Nature Square or terrace

Nature Square or the terrace area is where you need to head to capture an amazing view of Barcelona and a pretty sunset. 

The Porch of the Laundry

The Porch of the Laundry

This walkway features slanting columns that were designed to mimic ocean waves. This route runs through a pine forest and is one of the best examples of organic architecture that Gaudi specialised in. 

Visitor Tips

  • To make the most of your visit, head to the park during morning time to avoid the crowd. Plus, it starts getting super hot after 1 PM.
  • Approximaltely 95% of the park area is accessible free of charge, only the monumental zone isn't. For that, you can buy a ticket to access the monument area.
  • There are very few eateries inside the park, so it’s recommended you carry some snacks/beverages along.
  • Exploring the entire park includes long walks and steep climbs so put on comfortable sneakers or footwear.
  • The terrace is a great spot to capture sunset and take good photographs.
  • When there, definitely visit the Gaudí House Museum. Although it will cost you a few extra pounds, the tour to the house is worth it.
  • If you’re planning to use public transport, it’s recommended you take the bus and not the train as it’s faster than walking uphill from the metro station.
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