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Barcelona is brimming with Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces. One of the city's most popular parks, Park Güell is another example of this. A variety of notable Gaudi works can be seen within the park. A guided tour of Park Guell, therefore, can be a great way of getting to know Barcelona.

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Why Tour Park Guell?

Park Guell Guided Tours
  • Park Güell is one of the attractions where we can see Gaudi's work at its pinnacle.
  • Enjoy breathtaking vistas of the city and take in the fantastic overview of the capital city's structures, including his other masterwork, the Sagrada Familia.
  • View how architecture and nature blend with each other.
  • Meet El Drac, one of the city's most photographed sights. 
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Park Guell Tour Options Available

Park Guell Tours

Self Guided Tours

If you wish to explore Park Guell at your own pace, then opt for Park Guell timed entry tickets. You can enter the park within 30 minutes of the selected slot time and stay for as long as you like. To make your self-guided tour even more fruitful and informative, you can use the audio guide available on the Park Guell app. This way, you can access all of Gaudi's works and learn about the history and other interesting aspects of the park.

Park Guell Tours

Guided Tours

Go on a guided tour of Park Guell and explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site with an expert local guide. These tickets will allow you skip-the-line entry into Park Güell. The guide will fill you in about the history of Park Guell, Gaudi's architectural style, and details about the design of Park Guell as you tour the park. You can choose a tour in English, Spanish, German or French.

Park Guell Tours

Combo Tours

If you are hoping to explore more of Gaudi's works, then opt for a combo tour. With this ticket you will be able to visit two of Gaudi’s architectural works — the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. Enjoy priority access to both attractions and have an expert guide fill you in with interesting information about both iconic landmarks. This tour includes transfers between Park Guell and Sagrada Familia

Why Choose Park Guell Guided Tour?

If you are hoping to gain a deeper understanding of Gaudi's style and the importance of Park Guell, then opt for a guided tour. You will be accompanied by an expert local guide who will show you around the park, starting with the pavilions on either side of the gate, followed by the Dragon stairwell that leads you to the Hypostyle Room, a forest-like building with 86 Doric columns supporting it. The Laundry Room Portico, the Austria Gardens, and the Viaducts are among the park's other notable attractions included in your Guided tour of Park Guell. You will also be able to take in panoramic vistas of Barcelona, including the distant Sagrada Familia.

Whats Included in Guided Tour of Park Guell?

Park Guell Tours
  • Skip the line entry to Park Guell
  • Expert Guide (Available in English, Spanish, German, and French languages).
  • If you opt for combo tour, you will be able to enjoy priority access to Sagrada Familia as well as Park Guell.

Park Guell Guided Tour vs Non Guided Tour

Park Guell Tours

Guided Tours

  1. You will be accompanied by an expert guide who will give you insights into the history and design of the monument.
  2. Guided tours are conducted in groups.
  3. Guided tours have a set itinerary and start at a fixed time. You simply have to show up at the meeting point and the rest will be taken care of.
  4. The combo guided tour includes transfers between the two attractions.
Park Guell Tours

Non-Guided Tours

  1. To make the most of your tour, you can rely on the audio guide available on the Park Guell app.
  2. A non-guided tour doesn’t include a group.
  3. While you have to enter within 30 minutes of the time slot on the ticket, a non-guided tour allows you to explore the monument at your own pace.
  4. Transfers are not included in non-guided tours.
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Sights Covered on Park Guell Guided Tour

Park Guell Guided Tours

The Greek Theatre or Nature Square

The vast esplanade in the heart of Park Güell, originally known as the Greek Theatre but more recently renamed Plaça de la Natura, is located in the heart of the park. It is partially buried in the rock and partially supported on top of the hypostyle room.

Park Guell Guided Tours

The entrance and the porter's lodge pavilions

The primary entrance to Park Güell is on Carrer d'Olot on the south side, where visitors may enjoy a superb view of the stairway leading to the hypostyle room. The porter's lodge is made up of two pavilions on either side. The one on the left served as a porter's lodge, complete with a waiting area and telephone booth, while the one on the right served as the porter's home.

Park Guell Guided Tours

The Hypostyle Room

The Hypostyle Room, which might be utilized as a market area for the estate, is reached by the grand entrance stairwell. It is composed of 86 striated columns in the Doric style. The colonnade is topped by an architrave, which supports the undulating bench.

Park Guell Guided Tours

The Austria Gardens

The zone was used as a municipal plant nursery when the Park Güell was established into a public park. This section of the park has a distinct appearance from the rest of the park, and it was given its name in 1977 as a result of a tree donation from Austria.

Park Guell Guided Tours

The Dragon Stairway

A dual set of steps rises from the entry esplanade, flanked by two walls with merlons that form terraces behind which there are two grottos. The stairs are divided into three sections, each with a fountain that previously drew water from a tank beneath the hypostyle room.

Park Guell Guided Tours

The Laundry Room Portico

The road, which is taller than Gaudi's house, travels through a pine grove, with the portico backed up against an unworked stone retaining wall. A double colonnade functions as a buttress, and the portico takes the shape of a giant wave atop slanting columns. It is one of the most beautiful instances of Gaudi's organic architecture.

Park Guell Guided Tours

The Roadways, Paths, and Viaducts

The Pont de Baix is the first of the network of paths that help overcome the topography and connect the various parts of the park. It is located near the park's core area, heading east towards the Carretera del Carmel exit. The Pont de Baix, Pont del Mig, and Pont de Dalt (lower, middle, and high bridges) are the names of the three viaducts, which appeared on the park's initial postcards.

All Your Questions Answered About Park Guell Guided Tours

Q. What does a guided Park Guell tour include?

Park Guell tour includes priority entrance to Park Guell and an in-depth tour of Park Guell with an expert.

Q. Does my Park Guell tour include skip-the-line access?

Yes, the Park Guell tour includes skip-the-line access.

Q. Can I cancel a booked Park Guell tour?

No, Park Guell tour tickets cannot be canceled, amended, or refunded.

Q. What languages are Park Guell Tours available in?

Park Guell tours are available in English, French, and Spanish.

Q. Is it worth going on a Park Guell tour?

Yes, the Park Guell tour is worth your time.

Q. Can you go on a Park Guell tour for free?

No, the Park Guell tour is ticketed and cannot be availed for free.